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Laying the Foundation: A Beginner’s Handbook to Egg-Raising Chickens 🐣



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Flashback to my fledgling days—I was just another greenhorn, seduced by the adorable fluff balls at the local farm store.

I didn’t realize that raising chickens was more than just cute peeps and fluffy feathers.

In my novice hands, a handful of chicks quickly turned into an urgent quest for survival—mine riddled with anxiety and theirs quite literal.

Missteps and miscalculations led to some tough lessons learned…

But, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention—or in my case, the mother of determination.

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Through relentless research, community wisdom, and a few fowl misadventures, I transformed from an uninformed chick buyer to a seasoned hen host.

Today, my backyard bustles with a dozen robust hens, each one a testament to the power of perseverance.

They gift us with eggs that redefine breakfast—vibrant yolks and robust whites that make store-bought eggs pale in comparison.

And now, I’m ready to pass on the torch of knowledge.

My new book, “How to Raise Chickens for Eggs,” distills years of hard-won experience into a guide that will turn even the most hapless hopeful into a confident chicken caretaker.

I invite you to join me on this journey of discovery and delight.

Whether in PDF or hardcover, this book isn’t just a collection of pages—it’s a ticket to transforming your backyard into a haven of sustainability and taste.


You should be.

The journey from scratch to hatch awaits…

how to raise chickens for eggs pdf book

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P.S. Don’t just take my word for it.

Taste the difference for yourself and let your palate soar to new heights. Fetch your copy now and crack open the secrets to your own egg empire!

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Anyway, let’s move on to the story behind this book of mine…

My Idea to Write a Book

One day I was hanging out in the coop collecting eggs, and it hit me – I should write a book!

All this hard-won knowledge about raising backyard chickens was just rattling around in my head.

As I looked around at my 12 girls happily pecking and scratching, I felt incredibly proud of what I had accomplished.

I mean, 5 years ago I was the guy frantically Googling “help, my chicken is dying!”

And now here I was with a thriving, healthy flock thanks to everything I learned over the years.

It dawned on me that I could help other clueless chicken newbies like my former self.

I realized that I could help other people skip the struggles I went through when I was first starting out.

All that advice rattling around in my brain needed to get out there to the masses!

So one day, instead of just collecting eggs, I grabbed a pen and notepad and started jotting down all my top chicken tips.

Before I knew it, I had pages and pages of valuable chicken intel based on my years of experience.

I decided then and there that I would write a comprehensive guidebook sharing everything I wished I knew when I first got chickens.

My daughter was so excited when I told her I was going to write a book.

“Is it going to have pictures of all our chickens?” she asked.

“You bet!” I told her.

“And is Pebbles going to be on the cover?” she said, referring to her favorite hen.

I laughed and said, “She sure can be!”

I wanted to make something fun and playful that would show people how enjoyable chicken keeping could really be.

So I hunkered down, poured myself some coffee (okay, fine, maybe it was a beer), and started writing.

I spent months pecking away on my laptop, compiling all my best tips and stories.

It was a ton of work but also incredibly fun reliving all my wild chicken adventures.

I showed my rough drafts to some chicken-keeping friends and they gave really positive feedback.

“I wish I had this book when I was starting out!” my buddy Jim told me.

That was the validation I needed to keep polishing up my book until it was ready for its big debut.

A few months later, I’m now holding the very first copy of my book hot off the press!

I couldn’t be prouder of this thing.

Here’s Why You Should Totally Buy My Book

It’s Got All My Secrets to Raising Awesome Egg-Laying Chickens

I packed this baby cover-to-cover with all my insider tips and tricks.

I’m talking step-by-step guides on:

  • Choosing the right chicken breeds

I get into all the factors you need to consider when selecting breeds like weather conditions, temperaments, egg laying frequency, and more.

I also give in-depth comparisons of all the most popular egg laying breeds like Rhode Island Reds, Orpingtons, Leghorns, and Australorps.

As someone who has kept over 7 different breeds over the years, I’ve learned firsthand their individual quirks, pros, and cons.

  • Building a stylish coop that your hens will love

A good chicken coop is absolutely essential, but it doesn’t have to be ugly and boring!

I give you all my design tips for constructing a coop that keeps your chickens comfortable, safe, and even advice on decorating their living space!

  • Mixing up the perfect feed for maximum egg production

The right nutrition is crucial for your chickens’ health and getting good egg output.

I debunk myths about feed ratios and quality and offer easy recipes for nutrient-rich diets.

You’ll learn exactly what nutrients chickens need more or less of at different life stages like chicks vs fully grown hens.

I get into all the nitty gritty details so you don’t have to learn things the hard way like I did!

It’s Entertaining AS Heck

I had a blast writing this book, and I think it shows.

I threw in plenty of funny stories and mishaps from my years of chicken keeping.

But along with all the practical advice, I’ll keep you laughing your tailfeathers off with my wacky chicken tales.

Fair warning though, once you get me talking chickens, it’s hard to get me to cluck up!

Hopefully you’re down to get egg-cited about backyard poultry with me.

It Looks Freakin’ Adorable

Have you seen the cover of this thing?

Yeah, I know I’m kinda biased, but even I’ll admit that it’s pretty dang cute.

My daughter actually helped me brainstorm and draw out some cover art ideas.

We had a fun afternoon drinking lemonade and doodling away on the back porch, debating whether chickens look better in bonnets or bow ties.

Don’t try to tell me that cover doesn’t make you smile!

Ready to Dive Into the World of Backyard Chickens?

I truly believe this book has something to offer both seasoned chicken keepers and newbies alike.

I poured my heart & soul into making it helpful, entertaining, and just plain fun to read.

Now it’s your turn – Go ahead and get your very own copy.

Trust me, your flock will thank you (once you’ve raised them, of course!).

When we’re done, you’ll be a bona fide chicken whisperer, expertly conversing with your flock.

You’ll speak their language both verbally and non-verbally to keep the flock functioning in feathered harmony!

So what are ya waiting for?!

Livin’ That Chicken Life : Chapter Overview

how to raise chickens for eggs book pdf

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Chapter 1: Getting Started with Chicken Keeping

Thinking about getting chickens? I’ll tell you why it’s so rewarding, what’s involved in chicken care, plus common myths about these misunderstood creatures. You’ll also get the inside scoop on my first chicken-keeping attempts!

Chapter 2: Picking the Right Breed for Maximum Eggs

What makes one chicken lay more than others? I’ve raised over 10 popular breeds and will compare temperament, egg production, climate needs and more so you can pick your perfect feathered egg machines!

Chapter 3: Building a Killer Coop Your Flock Will Love

A coop is your chickens’ crib, so make it nice! I’ll provide fool-proof blueprints, material checklists, and design hacks to build them a safe, stylish palace with all the fixings that feels like home.

Chapter 4: Diet and Nutrition for Peak Egg Laying

You’ve heard “you are what you eat?” Well so are chickens! I’ll break down the ideal feed ratios, drink supplements, and diet formulations to get your ladies laying a bounty of eggs.

Chapter 5: Communicating Like a Chicken Whisperer

Believe it or not, chickens have a complex social structure and language all their own! I’ve mastered how to interpret their chatter, body language and behavioral quirks so you can talk chicken too.

Chapter 6: Collecting, Cleaning and Storing Eggs

Gathering eggs sounds simple until you retrieve a cracked one or get pecked! My tips for safely and properly collecting, washing, storing and even crafting with eggs will make you a pro egg handler.

Chapter 7: Keeping Chickens Healthy and Happy

Chickens can live over a decade but only with proper care and nutrition. I’ll share my home remedies, advice on common illnesses, emergency interventions and more so your flock lives their very best lives.

Chapter 8: Using Chicken Poop as Fertilizer

Don’t waste that chicken manure – it’s black gold for your garden! Learn how to safely compost their poop into nutrient-rich fertilizer that will take your plants to the next level.

Chapter 9: Integrating Chickens with Other Critters

Chickens play well with others! I’ll walk through how to introduce chickens to dogs, horses, goats and more. Benefits, risks and tips so everyone gets along and thrives together.

Chapter 10: Breeding Chickens to Grow Your Flock

Want cute little chicks following you around? I’ve successfully bred many happy chicken families and will take you through mating chickens, caring for fertilized eggs, incubating, hatching and beyond!

Chapter 11: Selling Eggs for Extra Income

Bring in some cash from your chicken hobby! I’ll cover permits, packaging eggs to sell, pricing, advertising your goods, finding customers, and managing your home business.

Chapter 12: Cooking Delicious Meals with Fresh Eggs

You haven’t tasted real eggs until they’re straight from a chicken’s behind! I’ll share my favorite prep methods, substitutions for recipes, and decadent egg-based dishes you can create.

Chapter 13: Bidding Your Flock Farewell

All good things come to an end. Learn when it’s time to retire a chicken, options for rehoming, natural end of life, handling loss, memorials and the gift of their final legacy.

Go get yourself a copy and get ready to enter the wacky, egg-citing world of chicken keeping!

Hope to see ya on the other side soon.

Happy reading and keep on cluckin’!

Your pal,

how to raise chickens for eggs book pdf

Get Crackin’ on Your Own Egg Empire

Do you crave the rich golden yolks and thick whites that only come from the freshest eggs?

After nearly a decade running my own egg empire and mastering the art of keeping chickens, I’ve stuffed all my insider secrets into the aptly named “How to Raise Chickens for Eggs”.

how to raise chickens for eggs book pdf

Get Crackin’ on Your Own Egg Empire

Do you crave the rich golden yolks and thick whites that only come from the freshest eggs?

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This ain’t no chicken game. After nearly a decade running my own egg empire and mastering the art of keeping chickens, I’ve stuffed all my insider secrets into the aptly named “How to Raise Chickens for Eggs”.

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