You Won’t Believe If Chickens Can Really Chow Down On Buffalo Wings



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Buddy, let me tell ya about the time I found out firsthand if chickens like buffalo chicken as much as we do!

I was sittin’ on my porch after mowin’ the lawn on a hot Saturday, relaxin’ with a bucket of wings from Wiley’s Joint.

Those wings were so dang good I just had to share.

But with who? That’s when I got an idea – I’ll feed some to the chickens! What harm could it do, right? So I tossed a couple bones into the coop and awaited the results.

Well I’ll be darned if those chickens didn’t go absolutely bonkers for it! They were scramblin’ and peckin’ like their lives depended on it.

One chicken even did a little happy dance when it found a juicy piece of meat still on the bone.

It was the funniest thing I ever did see.

I was just sittin’ there like “no way, are they really lovin’ those buffalo wings?!” From that day on, I was determined to find out if chickens can truly enjoy buffalo chicken without any problems.

Chickens Go Crazy For That Tangy Heat!


To get to the bottom of it, I started doin’ some research on the internet.

And let me tell ya, chickens reaaally seem to savor the distinctive flavor of buffalo sauce.

Just like people, those birds have taste buds too – and they go nuts for bold, memorable tastes.

The bright red color and zesty spice must stimulate their senses somethin’ fierce.

So I decided to do a lil’ taste test of my own.

The next day I cooked up some chicken breasts and tossed half in franks redhot sauce.

The other half I left plain.

Then I cut it all into bite sized pieces and scattered it around the coop.

Well whaddya know – the chickens gobbled up that buffalo chicken way before touchin’ the plain stuff! They just couldn’t get enough of the tang.

I’ve even seen them do a funny dance when they find a morsel of wing still coated in the crimson residue of buffalo sauce.

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They get so darn excited! It’s like they’re sayin’ “yeehaw, pass the hot sauce please!”.

Who knew chickens had such a hankerin’ for heat?

Buffalo Wings Pack A Nutritional Wallop For Chickens Too!


Besides tastin’ great, buffalo chicken is actually quite nutritious for chickens too.

The meat provides high-quality protein, which chickens need to build strong muscles and produce healthy eggs.

Protein is like the gasoline that makes their bodies run.

Chicken is also loaded with important vitamins and minerals.

Zinc, iron and B vitamins support their growth and metabolism.

Calcium keeps their bones and egg shells strong.

And the fatty acids in the skin and dark meat promote shiny feathers.

The vegetation in their regular diet like scratch grains provides carbohydrates as fuel.

But animals need a balanced amount of protein too.

Buffalo chicken is lean, meaning it don’t add unnecessary fat like bacon might.

So it supplies chickens with complete, balanced nutrition in every bite.

Their crops can efficiently break down and absorb all those beneficial nutrients.

Heck, chicken meat is what chickens are naturally meant to eat in the wild! So buffalo chicken is like a gourmet meal for them.

Moderation Is Key When Feeding Buffalo Wings


Now don’t get me wrong – buffalo chicken ain’t something you want to be feedin’ chickens every single day.

Too much of any one food can lead to digestive issues over time.

And those spicy flavors may irritate their crop if consumed in large amounts.

I like to think of buffalo chicken as more of an occasional treat or supplement rather than a staple part of their diet.

A few small pieces here and there won’t do no harm, but go easy on the portions.

Variety is also important so chickens get a well-rounded assortment of nutrients.

Feedin’ buffalo chicken as just a rare fun treat rather than as their daily fare is the best approach in my book.

That way those scavengin’ birds can indulge their taste for heat without it backfirin’ on their tummies.

All things in moderation – that’s my motto when it comes to my chook’s chow!

Watch Out For Pesky Chicken Bones!

The main thing to watch out for with buffalo chicken is those darned tiny bones.

We all know chicken bones can be dangerous if swallowed whole.

They’re lightweight and prone to splintering inside a chicken’s crop.

Sharp bone fragments risk causin’ nasty cuts, blockages or even punctures in their digestive tract.

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And that kind of injury could easily lead to life-threatenin’ infections real quick.

So it’s important to meticulously pick over any buffalo chicken scraps and remove every last bone shard.

I usually take a pair of tweezers to the task just to be extra careful.

It may seem tedious, but it sure beats riskin’ the health of your fine feathered flock! Bone safety is key when sharin’ leftovers.

Once all skeletons are gone, chickens can chow down bone-free on those wings with no worries.

In conclusion – fried chicken with a spicy kick really is a yummy treat for chickens too! As long as you exercise moderation, remove any risque ribcages, and don’t make it their daily fare – buffalo chicken won’t upset your birds one bit.

In fact, they might just start beggin’ for seconds of the good stuff.

I hope y’all found this useful chicken information! Let me know if you got any other questions.

How To Prepare Homemade Buffalo Chicken For Your Chickens

Instead of just tossin’ leftover wings in the coop, you can cook up some chicken especially for your cluckers!

Start with bone-in chicken thighs or breasts since dark meat packs more nutrients.

Grill or bake until fully cooked through.

In a bowl, whisk together your favorite hot sauce like Frank’s with some melted butter to create a buffalo glaze.

Brush the warm chicken generously on all sides with the sticky-sweet sauce, rotating to coat completely.

Let it cool fully then chop, shred or tear the chicken into peck-sized bits for easy eating.

Remove any skin or visible bones before tossing into feed dishes or scattering in the run.

Your chickens will love this homemade version even more than store-bought wings, I guarantee it!

Can Chickens Also Enjoy Other Spicy Foods?

While buffalo chicken seems to be a winner, chickens have been known to take a likin’ to other kickin’ cuisine too!

Fajitas, burritos or tacos with diced chicken and hot sauce make for fun feastin’ when the lettuce and shells are removed.

Stir fries sautéed with garlic, ginger and chili peppers add excitement to their usual mealworms.

Sriracha, chili crisp or other Asian-style condiments give their feed a zesty punch of umami flavors.

Just be sure not to overdo it on the capsaicin, as too much heat could still cause tummy troubles over time.

Variety is best to satisfy their sense of adventure without agitating sensitive crops.

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Chickens seem to have quite the discerning palate for bold and tangy tastes after all!

Will Buffalized Chicken Affect My Chickens’ Egg Production?

Given that protein, minerals and vitamins strengthen egg development, buffalo chicken may even boost your hens’ output!

Layers need a diet rich in nutrients like calcium, phosphorus and protein to manufacture strong eggs daily.

Buffalo chicken meets all these requirements in spades with high biological value protein and absorption.

As a change from regular layer crumbles, it provides a nutritional boon they can really sink their claws into.

An extra morsel or two here and there likely won’t negatively impact natural cycles or overall health.

Frequency is key, so occasional treats versus constant addition shouldn’t disrupt normal production quotas.

In fact, your ladies may be primed to lay even more bombshell eggs after such a gourmet snack!

What About Chickens’ Water Intake With Spicy Food?

The natural heat of buffalo chicken begs the question – will it affect drinking habits?

While the spice may stimulate their crops in the moment, it shouldn’t cause long-term issues.

Chickens are well-adapted to handle a range of flavors and metabolize nutrients efficiently.

As long as fresh, clean water is always available alongside food, they’ll self-regulate intake as needed.

Signs of dehydration like dry skin or lethargy warrant reducing portions or switching to milder morsels.

But for the average backyard flock, buffalo chicken won’t disrupt typical water consumption patterns.

Thirst may spike directly after a spicy snack, but levels out once fully processed by their system.

Does the Heat Deter Pests and Predators?

Believe it or not, buffalo chicken may serve another purpose beyond nutrition!

The bold aroma and taste helps mask the scent of prey from keen-nosed hawks and foxes.

Similar hot and smoky flavors have proven effective at repelling bothersome insects too.

Capsaicin, the compound that gives heat, acts as a natural deterrent when dispersed around coops.

Of course chickens themselves are adaptable to the scents, but critters may find it too intense.

So spicy suppers offer some added security against unwanted sneaky visitors coming for a bite.

A little extra pest protection makes buffalo wings an even smarter choice for flocks.

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