Will Your Chickens Really Flock to Chicken & Dumplings?



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Me and Jake were just shootin’ the breeze on his front porch after a long day of work when all of a sudden, he gets this look in his eye like he’s just seen a UFO.

“Tanner, you ain’t never gonna believe what them chickens of mine got into today,” he says.

“You gotta come see for yourself.”

Chicken & Dumplings for Hens?

Well now, I’m always up for some chicken gossip so I follow him round back faster than a jackrabbit.

And lemme tell ya, nothin’ coulda prepared me for the scene awaited!

Turns out old Jake had been experimentin’ with leftover chicken and dumplings from Sunday dinner in the coop.

Now we all know chickens love noshing on just about anything, but chicken and dumplings?

I just didn’t see it happening.

But lo and behold, there them feathery fools were pecking away at the gravy-soaked scraps like they was having the feast of a lifetime!

Every last morsel was gone, I swear on my mama’s grave.

I stood there like a slack-jawed yokel trying to comprehend what my eyes were seeing.

I said. “Who knew chickens had a taste for cannibalism?” You best believe I had some questions for Jake after that revelation!

Anyhoo, as crazy as it seems them chickens sure did savor them leftovers.

And it got me thinking – what else do them feathered creatures eat? Lemme tell ya more about the greedy gastronomical habits of chickens…

Chickens Ain’t Picky When it Comes to Dumplings Leftovers


Now we all know chickens love free-ranging and foraging – it’s in their nature.

So come snack time, just throw something their way and stand back while the mayhem ensues! One time I saw Mrs.

Tweedy from down the road feeding her flock and damned if they didn’t finish off her entire homemade apple pie – crust and all! Why, feathers were flyin’ every which way.

It was like the running of the bulls but with chickens. Those girls could put away food faster than I can shoot the breeze.

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Heck, I’ve even seen chickens go bonkers over dumpster scraps. Like the time my cousin Earl accidentally tossed out a half-eaten bucket of KFC.

By the time he noticed, the whole thing was shredded to smithereens by Miss Prissy and her girls.

You shoulda heard them squawking – thought for sure they’d wake the dead! So in summary, chickens just ain’t picky. Whether it’s folks’ food or foraged fare, it’s all fair game as far as they’re concerned.

Variety is Best but Scraps are Fair Game


Now I ain’t saying you should feed chickens KFC for every meal. Variety is definitely best for their overall health and happiness.

But a lil somethin’ extra on the side won’t hurt none either, if you catch my drift.

Like old Jake was telling me, ever since he started supplementing their feed with snacks like leftover chicken casserole, green bean ends, and crushed egg shells, his girls been laying like nobody’s business! More eggers to sell at the market, so everybody’s happy. And the chickens get a tasty treat in the process.

Way I see it, an occasional snack won’t hurt as long as their diet stays balanced. Think of it like dessert after a filling home-cooked meal – a sometimes indulgence that ain’t gonna ruin their figure none.

The chickens sure seem to appreciate it too by the sounds of their clucks! Variety’s good, but a scrap or two of people chow ain’t never steered my birds wrong neither.

Some Coop Care Tips When Feeding Leftovers


Alright,  since we’re on the topic of supplementing chicken diets, lemme give you a few pointers learned from experience:

  • Cut leftovers into peck-sized pieces so the whole flock can get a fair share
  • Scatter scraps around the run rather than a single bowl so them hens get exercise foraging
  • Offer treats at consistent times so them birds don’t get too fat or spoilt
  • Rotate snack locations daily to further encourage activity between meals
  • Monitor each chicken’s health individual and watch for any favorites shaping their tastes

Hope these tips help if you wanna treat your fine feathered friends every now and then! Just remember variety and moderation – with that and good coop care, your chickens will stay happily cluckin’ for years to come.

Can Chickens Really Stomach Eatin’ Other Chickens?


As a rookie chicken farmer, I always figured these birds would peck at just about anything you put in front of ’em.

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I mean shoot, I’ve seen my hens gum every scrap from watermelon rinds to old romaine lettuce like it’s their last meal! But could they really handle chicken meat? That just seemed a little too cannibalistic even for scavengin’ chickens. Then again, what do I know – I’m still learnin’ the ropes!

I remembered one time last summer, Flossie – our top chicken and our first hen – got ahold of a baby gopher snake in the coop.

Well I tell you what, that chicken tore that snake to shreds within minutes! Feathers were flyin’ as Flossie had herself a real feather-pluckin’ frenzy. It was downright gruesome! But she gulped down every last morsel without so much as a gag. If Flossie could demolish a snake no problem, what’s a little chicken meat?

Still, the thought of my chickens chowin’ down on their own kind just seemed off somehow. Cannibalism is usually a big no-no in the animal kingdom.

I figured maybe chickens had some innate aversion to eatin’ other chickens hardwired into their pea-brains. We’ll just have to see what happened when I fed them my leftovers…

Adjusting Store-Bought Feed As Needed


The standard store-bought feed you give your chickens is already a well-balanced, species-appropriate diet.

It contains all the nutrients these birds need without resorting to anything strange or unnatural like meat.

If you want to supplement, stick to additional grains, greens, bugs, or fruit rather than chicken pieces.

You can also mix in boiled eggs whites or yogurt occasionally as a special treat without harming their health.

Just don’t get too clever thinking you need to jazz up the feed – these chickens are content sticking to the basics.

Trust that a diet of laying feed, kitchen scraps, and floor time outside is all they require to thrive.

Curing Sick Birds The Natural Way

Should one of your chickens come down with an illness, avoid red meat like chicken as a home remedy.

While it won’t do any harm, there’s no evidence it will help and it goes against their natural diet.

Instead, try soothing herbs like peppermint or ginger to aid digestion if the issue seems stress-related.

For infections, turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can speed recovery when mixed in their water.

Bone broth full of nutrients but low in fat content also supports healing and energy levels during sickness.

Let their bodies do the work of getting better – just provide a species-appropriate supportive environment while they rest.

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But What About Store-Bought Chicken Feed?

You may be wondering if the commercial chicken feed sold in bags could contain meat ingredients like chicken meal.

In fact, chicken feed is plant-based and does not include meat products for ethical and health reasons.

Poultry feeds aim to provide complete nutrition from grains, oils, vitamins, and minerals without relying on meat.

Feed manufacturers want healthy birds and avoid ingredients chickens aren’t adapted to digest like animal proteins.

So rest assured that bagged feed and your home scraps provide a meat-free diet meeting all their dietary requirements.

With the proper plant-based diet, chickens can grow big and strong without ever tasting flesh.

Chickens And Eggs – What’s The Difference?

It’s understandable to wonder if chickens see eggs the same way we might see chicken meat.

However, hens do not assign the same emotional value to unfertilized eggs that we assign to the lives and flesh of other animals.

Eggs are simply a means of storing fat and nutrients to support potential future embryos – not recognizable offspring.

Similarly, roosters have no paternal instincts towards eggs and do not protect or grieve them in any way.

Hens can even reabsorb nutrients from eggs that won’t hatch without negative consequences.

So while humanity may debate eggs vs meat, chickens biologically see little difference between the two.

Don’t Stress If Fido Snagged a Drumstick

It’s an unfortunate fact of farm life that the occasional chicken may become a meal for prowling predators.

While distressing for us, critters like hawks see chickens as fair quarry just like any other wild bird or rodent.

Even well-fed house pets like dogs may give in to instinct on a chicken if they get the chance.

The remaining flock will return to normal foraging and pecking order activities before long once the threat passes.

Chickens live very much in the present moment and do not ruminate on losses or participate in mourning rituals.

So if Fido foolishly grabs a wing despite your best efforts, don’t fret – the rest won’t hold it against man or beast.

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